Tespack: master your own energy

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Tespack is a company specialized in creating wearable tech to keep people charged at all times. Military special forces, extreme sports enthusiasts and avid adventure travelers alike will be emPowered by Tespack’s renewable energy technology. Products include solar smartpacks and backpacks, power banks, ATOTUS – a solar helmet that can be used with night vision goggles and action cameras, and PAX1 – a military service suitcase that provides satellite wifi anywhere on earth for up to 2 weeks! A Startupbootcamp alum, Tespack took 1st place at Startup Turkey 2017! #FutureOfEnergy

Bios Urn: turning cemeteries into forests

Originally introduced in 1997 by founder/designer Gerard Moliné, Barcelona based Bios Urn (Urna Bios) got its commercial start after successfully crowdfunding over 73 thousand Euros on Kickstarter. It is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after death, thus giving you life after life. The brilliant concept is at once harnessing rebirth through nature, protecting the environment and enduring family relationships. Nurture nature, love life with Bios Urn! #GreenEconomy