Bios Urn: turning cemeteries into forests

Originally introduced in 1997 by founder/designer Gerard Moliné, Barcelona based Bios Urn (Urna Bios) got its commercial start after successfully crowdfunding over 73 thousand Euros on Kickstarter. It is a fully biodegradable urn designed to convert you into a tree after death, thus giving you life after life. The brilliant concept is at once harnessing rebirth through nature, protecting the environment and enduring family relationships. Nurture nature, love life with Bios Urn! #GreenEconomy

Milingual: you have to live a language!

Español, Français, English, Deutsch? The first of its kind Milingual offers a shared economy platform for learning a language in everyday life settings. The platform connects local native speakers who want to earn a living teaching in natural settings with students, and mutually beneficial partnerships with local businesses who play host to linguistic exchanges. Private group, company or individual classes available. In a bar, on a walk or out to dinner – A language must be lived!/Los Idiomas No Se Estudian, ¡Se Viven! Currently serving the #NeedEconomy in Madrid.

Wallapop: compra y venta near you

Barcelona based Wallapop wants you to “Trade your way” anywhere in the world. The app allows anyone to buy and sell their unused (however loved) stuff to someone nearby. Their commercials are humorous and magnetic. Never has the second-hand market place looked so exciting. Currently available in Spain, France, the UK and Brasil. On May 12, 2016, Wallapop’s U.S. operations were bought by and absorbed into competitor Letgo‘s brand and platform.