PlanGrid: construction industry disrupted

PlanGrid brings time, cost and user efficiency to the construction industry. Architects, designers, individuals and general contractors alike can use the cloud based service to upload, share, update and store blueprints and documents on iPads, Android tablets and smart phones. Entire teams can access, update and share information, as well as address & fix problems quickly and efficiently, with the security of knowing that everyone is literally on the same page of any given project whether in the field or in the office, on or offline. PlanGrid is the largest blueprint repository in the world. Available for Windows, iOS and Android #NeedEconomy #DesignTech

Piero Tonin: animator, illustrator, cartoonist

Piero Tonin‘s passion lies in animated films. His animated short, HOBLIO, has won numerous international awards. A cel restorer and hand painter, Tonin has successfully restored and/or hand painted cels from Disney Classics including “Lady and the Tramp”, “The Jungle Book” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Inherent to his work as an artist is his deep knowledge and commitment to preserving and educating art students and the public about Italy’s rich history of animated artists and their work, including the late Osvaldo Cavandoli, creator of “La Linea” and Carosello (The Carousel), a television advertising program aired by RAI (the Italian national broadcasting company) from 1957 until 1977.