hearZA™: S. Africa’s 1st national hearing test!

Developed and validated by the Univ. of Pretoria, hearZA™ addresses a vital issue: millions of S. Africans suffer from hearing impairment without knowing it and heretofore without easy/affordable access to audiological testing and care. Specifically for S. Africa, the app tests ones hearing in under 2 minutes and provides normative data in all 11 of the country’s official languages! A normalized hearing score is provided against your score, and you are connected with an audiologist near you if a hearing problem is detected. Downloadable for all Android and iOS smartphones. Use with any headphones. #NeedEconomy

Plair: real-time bioaerosol monitoring

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The Swiss-based Russian couple, Denis Kiselev and Svetlana Afonina, have pioneered a game-changing technology with environmental and health applications. Their “Rapid-E” is a high specificity, real-time particle detector that conducts airborne allergen, air quality and bioaerosol monitoring.